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10:06pm 08-01-2018
gerard van der veen
Geweldige website; is het nog aktief?
I tried to ask a question on the contact form; seeing the latest Guest Book entry, it looks like as if it is not 'active' anymore.
MG greeting, from BCV18, MG PA '34.
5:07pm 12-31-2016
hi your wed contact page is not working it will not let you answer the challenge word ?
9:39pm 11-25-2016
Peter Newbery
Thank you for very helpful pictures of the M Type restoration. As a reward (!!) I can send a picture of 2M/1506 for your gallery (if you tell me how)
Kind regards and thanks again
Peter Newbery
8:35pm 10-03-2016
Peter Newbery
Hello from Bedfordshire UK. My car is an MG M Type of 1930. Registration number MG 748, chassis number 2M/1506. I have information about ownership from 1930 to 1945, but then a big gap until about 1990. I am told it may have been in a European museum during that time.If you have suggestions about how I can find more information, I'd be very grateful. Thanks and happy motoring . Peter
5:08am 09-29-2016
Geoffrey Wigg 2M 332
Very informative, will visit again.
7:52am 08-07-2016
Chris Blood
a really great website, so useful and informative.

Gents, be aware the webshop items index does not match the ordering items, they are out of sync.
9:26pm 06-25-2016
Had al een tijdje niet meer gekeken maar wat is het een fantastische site geworden!
3:40pm 01-13-2016
Mike Bradbury
I am interested in buying two pairs of the door check strap chrome fixings Item 07 in your parts for sale section, are these available ?
This is a very useful website which I refer to often. Look forward to hearing from you .
Kind Regards,
6:51am 11-01-2015
peter kerr
Greetings from Australia. I am a MMM owner of a 1929 M type and a 1935 NA supercharged Magnette with an Australian body.
10:00am 10-29-2015
Tom Hardman
Would you like a recent photo of the MG Bellevue for your website, I couldn't spot it in the car section which is a shame.
7:08pm 09-30-2015
Robin Lawton
a really interesting website - most enjoyable!
8:19am 04-27-2015
Bob Collier
Always have supported the Triple M as my Father had an L1 which unfortunately we had to pass on a few years ago. She is now nearly fully restored by a friend.
I love to see then on the road and being used for pleasure and in anger on a race track
Well done everybody
Bob Collier
6:00am 04-05-2015
Bill Tantau
Nicely done!!
3:31am 01-23-2015
Jack Kahler
Nice web site!

Jack Kahler
Chairman North American MMM Register
3:18pm 12-05-2014
Rafael F Martinez
From San Juan, Puerto Rico, I have found your site particularly useful. Currently restoring PA1066 (found in sad shape) which is the only PA in the Island!! Thus, I have more questions than answers and am always looking for practical insights and guidance. My current project is sorting out the wiring puzzle - routing, connections, grounds, etc. etc.
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