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5:03pm 11-23-2019
Barry Robinson
I’ve just re acquired M Type DG4888 chassis number C/M 3227. I will be making drawings/sketches of parts requiring repair or replacement and wonder if you would like copies of the drawings?
Could you let me know how to send them if they are of interest
Regards Barry Robinson
10:06pm 08-01-2018
gerard van der veen
Geweldige website; is het nog aktief?
I tried to ask a question on the contact form; seeing the latest Guest Book entry, it looks like as if it is not 'active' anymore.
MG greeting, from BCV18, MG PA '34.
5:07pm 12-31-2016
hi your wed contact page is not working it will not let you answer the challenge word ?
9:39pm 11-25-2016
Peter Newbery
Thank you for very helpful pictures of the M Type restoration. As a reward (!!) I can send a picture of 2M/1506 for your gallery (if you tell me how)
Kind regards and thanks again
Peter Newbery
8:35pm 10-03-2016
Peter Newbery
Hello from Bedfordshire UK. My car is an MG M Type of 1930. Registration number MG 748, chassis number 2M/1506. I have information about ownership from 1930 to 1945, but then a big gap until about 1990. I am told it may have been in a European museum during that time.If you have suggestions about how I can find more information, I'd be very grateful. Thanks and happy motoring . Peter
5:08am 09-29-2016
Geoffrey Wigg 2M 332
Very informative, will visit again.
7:52am 08-07-2016
Chris Blood
a really great website, so useful and informative.

Gents, be aware the webshop items index does not match the ordering items, they are out of sync.
9:26pm 06-25-2016
Had al een tijdje niet meer gekeken maar wat is het een fantastische site geworden!
3:40pm 01-13-2016
Mike Bradbury
I am interested in buying two pairs of the door check strap chrome fixings Item 07 in your parts for sale section, are these available ?
This is a very useful website which I refer to often. Look forward to hearing from you .
Kind Regards,
6:51am 11-01-2015
peter kerr
Greetings from Australia. I am a MMM owner of a 1929 M type and a 1935 NA supercharged Magnette with an Australian body.
10:00am 10-29-2015
Tom Hardman
Would you like a recent photo of the MG Bellevue for your website, I couldn't spot it in the car section which is a shame.
7:08pm 09-30-2015
Robin Lawton
a really interesting website - most enjoyable!
8:19am 04-27-2015
Bob Collier
Always have supported the Triple M as my Father had an L1 which unfortunately we had to pass on a few years ago. She is now nearly fully restored by a friend.
I love to see then on the road and being used for pleasure and in anger on a race track
Well done everybody
Bob Collier
6:00am 04-05-2015
Bill Tantau
Nicely done!!
3:31am 01-23-2015
Jack Kahler
Nice web site!

Jack Kahler
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